5 Ways To Save Money On School Lunches

Do you want to save money on your child’s school lunches and keep them healthy? Me too! A reusable lunch box is part of the solution. When two of my girls returned to public school after homeschooling for 4 years, I was faced with planning for lunches and sending something semi-healthy that is also easy to pack and eat away from the home.Go Green Lunch Box - Kaleidoscope

I found Go Green lunch boxes and love them! There are several brands available that are great and I have friends who use the Planet boxes and love them as well. I have three girls so I kept that in mind when I compared the prices but I may buy a Planet box lunch box for days when I’m out all day!

PlanetBox Lunch Box

5 ways to Save Money on School Lunches with a Reusable Lunch Box:

  1. No need for a brown sack. You can have a cute design and a container for lunch each day.
  2. Ditch the baggies. Good night! I forgot how many I used when girls were in school. The lunch box has compartments and food can be placed into them and the gasket and knob on top twists to keep liquids in place.
  3. Cloth napkins replaces paper towels. It comes with an adorable washable napkin. You choose the design and can buy multiples and wash one day for the following week.
  4. A stainBrita Water Pitcherless steel bottle is your water bottle. You save on buying disposable water bottles which can really add up over time. If your refrigerator doesn’t have filtered water you can buy a Brita Water Pitcher and refill it. I have filtered water but still use the Brita pitcher to keep on the counter for my younger ones who tend to make a mess with water from the fridge or when I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to wait for the water from my dispenser.
  5. Compartments remove need for pre-packaged snacks. Packaged foods cost more than buying a larger container or in bulk. Place food in section and you have a serving size and save money.

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How do you save money while sending your child a health lunch for school? Please comment below and ask questions.


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