Be a Better MOM

How could sky diving from a perfectly good plane make me a better MOM? I’m a wonderful mom and do everything for my girls and put them first. I’m one of the best moms going!


Or so I thought. Everyone tells me this, including my husband, but they couldn’t see the struggle behind the surface.

Homeschooling, constantly running girls around here and there and everywhere, months without a break for even a simple manicure or dinner with girlfriends (or husband!). I was exhausted, resentful, didn’t really have time to grieve the loss of my brother much less take time for myself.

List goes on and on yet the guilt I felt for feeling tired or not wanting to do EVERYTHING for my precious little gifts from above only made it worse.

I made a 40 by 40 list not really believing I’m actually do most of the items and skydiving was on there. My sister and I always said we would skydive together after bungee jumping.

Soon we were grown and I became a mom and never found the time and this dream was forgotten among many others.

She called me one day and said she was going sky diving and wanted me to come. Two weeks from that day!

My mind immediately shifted to the girls, their school, activities, volleyball tournaments, soccer games, gymnastics.

Who will take them? I can’t just up and drive over an hour and jump out a plane?!


Then a small voice quieted my rambling mind and I replied SURE! “We’ve always said we’d do it so let’s go for it!”

Did I really just say that?

My sister was excited and I told my husband and kids and was determined I wouldn’t back out. I arranged for carpool to tournament, my husband took girls to soccer game and you know what, they made it work and were just fine.

I was so nervous and flying up in the plane brought back so many emotions (good and bad) from this year with losing our brother, the things you think about when you’re jumping out of a plane and thinking your death is near at 7,000 or more feet.

But, you know what?

I looked at my sister (I was the first to jump because SOMEHOW I ended up sitting directly in front of the door which was opened most of the way!) and I told her I loved her and I fell backwards out of the plane.

My instructor was correct. He told me you don’t feel like you’re falling at all. Just flying. When I opened my eyes and realized I didn’t die, IT WAS AMAZING!

Like nothing you can describe. I felt, courageous, strong, unstoppable, almost magical.

More than a Mom

Sky diving empowered me in a huge way and made me realize I’m more than a wife and mom. I’m ME. I’m the person I was before I married and became a mom.

We lose ourselves sometimes and it doesn’t have to be that way. Take care of yourself. Face your fears as well as your dreams head and channel that inner woman inside you that’s gone missing.

You may not need to jump out of a plane to do it but it’s not a bad way either!

Sky diving helped me become a better mom. What steps can you take today to do the same?



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