How to Spark your Child’s Imagination: Free printables and resources

Have you noticed your child’s imagination can use a little spark? Do you read to your little or have them read aloud to you in a real, tangible book? Add a pen and pencil and this may be just the thing you need.

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how to spark imagination with a book in your child

Meet Penelope the Pencil created by a dear friend and fellow author, Benita Ibrahim and her son, Joshua.


Benita sent me this book after seeing a video of me reading with my girls. Often times we read to our little ones as babies and toddlers then slowly cease the tradition once they begin to read fluently. Some even trade in books for all things E.

This is a mistake.

Now I love my electronics as much as the next mama but there’s just something about an IRL (In Real Life), tangible, paper book that brings in a fuller experience. Touching and feeling the pages in their fingers make a connection that just can’t be found in holding a device.

I read many things on my devices but there’s nothing like curling up in my favorite chair with a cup of tea and a real books in my hands.

Penelope the Pencil is a book about imagination and the things that can come to life through a pencil and a page. It explains how to hold the pencil properly and shares ideas of things to write about with it.

My youngest read the book with ease and she liked how the pencil brought things to life.

Here’s a video of her reading the book:

If you’re looking for an awesome pencil sharpener, I share about my favorite one as a homeschool and MOM in this post: Best Pencil Sharpener EVER!

I LOVE pencils and still use them to write my to do’s and in my planner when I’m not using my Sharpies! Ticonderoga is my favorite brand!

You can go to for more information and FREE resources and Printables.

Here’s a printable of Penelope the Pencil. I had my girls write what they’d like to write about in the heart.

pencil and writing imagination

Do you have ways to spark your child’s imagination? I’d love to hear about them! Let me know if you bought the book and tag me @unprocessedjess in your photo on my Instagram page and use hashtag #goingoldschool.




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