Mom & Tween Daughter Body Talk

Talking to your daughter about her body

The big body talk.  As a mom going through the mom & tween daughter body talk the first time, I was nervous, unsure and just plain scared to talk about the changes they will be experiencing in the next few years. I thought it may be too soon but after reading Dannah Gresh’s The Six Ways to Keep the Little in your Girl, I realized the time is NOW! Our children are exposed to so much at such a young age and even though we limit their exposure as much as possible, they will be exposed at one time or another. It’s so important that the information comes from us!

I decided to ask a few of my girlfriends to bring their daughters over for a body talk party. It went better than we thought and the girls had a ton of questions! So blessed to have other like-minded friends that I can confide in for support and encouragement. It also helps our girls know others are going through the same thing. We began by letting girls talk for a bit and work on a service craft project then they gathered in my living room and each of us took turns talking about different topics.

We started with the American Girl All About You book.

All the girls had a chance prior to our party to read the book with their moms and then on their own so they were a little familiar with the topics. The girls followed along in their books and we reviewed the information. The hands were raised and questions flying within the first few pages! After some giggles, we all settled into a comfortableness and it went really well.

When it came to the period part, we referenced another book, My Mom’s Having a Baby, for the larger pictures and to show where the eggs are released into the ovaries. We don’t realize how confusing it can be because we’ve used them so long.

The questions were great and some we would’ve never thought they would ask and they also brought up great points about proper care for hygiene during cycle, etc. I think we moms learned a thing or two as well. ;)

I bought a series of books about how God made our bodies different and they progress through each stage of development. They’re a little dated and I’ve seen new ones on the site but this has relevant information as well. This series approaches the subjects as part of God’s design and plan for each of us.

We stopped with the information in the American Girl book and will each speak to our girls at the appropriate time or when they are ready to ask more questions like “Yes, but HOW does God put the egg in the mommy’s womb?” and the answers we’ve given so far just aren’t enough for them. Just remember to be truthful, direct, honest and don’t give more than they are ready to hear.

Most important, pray that God will guide you and your child. We ended in prayer and gave them each little sparkly bags to hold supplies, a chocolate candy(non-GMO of course!), a handwritten card and a set of googly eyes to remind them to enjoy being a kid and that it’s still okay to have fun and be goofy even though they’re growing up!

Have you read a great book on bodies or had your own party?

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