Technology and Device Agreement for Teens and Parents: Social Media and Kids

I delayed buying my girls any electronics (even an ipod) until 6th grade.

I didn’t have a technology or device agreement and thought it wasn’t necessary because I thought them hearing my words about what others were posting or crazy things I saw online would be enough.

I was wrong.

technology and device agreement: kids and social media

I learned this lesson the hard way and our first year of devices and social media was a nightmare. Our new middle school/ pre-teen experience coupled with exposure of the online world caused complete chaos and turned dinner time into a disaster full of negativity and arguments.

I told myself some of the same lies many parents tell themselves about my kids and social media. Read some of the lies in my post here:

5 Lies Parents Believe about Kids and Social Media

kids and social media and parenting teens

When you hand your child the internet you are opening up a huge world that they are not ready to handle at this age. Heck, it’s a lot for even adults much less kids. You’re also giving the world access to your child.

Safeguards can be put into place but they’re not guaranteed to keep your child from being on someone’s radar.

If you find yourself in the same boat where you child is using technology without an agreement NOW is the time to have one in place.

Be honest and tell your child you made a mistake by not having a device agreement in place for accountability and you’re starting now to ensure their safety and open communication with you. 

There’s many options for technology and device agreements online. I suggest taking a bit from several and then customizing it to fit your specific family and child’s needs.

I’m sharing our family’s device and technology agreement here so you can have a starting point. It’s not all-inclusive and changes when necessary but is a start.

Share this with someone you know is going through technology overwhelm or parents of school age children. It’s never too early for discussion and a game plan for technology and device agreements for your family.


FREE Device Agreement

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  1. Jess, I love this. My daughter is 12 and thank Goodness is very open to me looking at her SM accounts. I’m so glad we connected! I’m in the process of trying to increase traffic too! Let’s connect and help each other out!

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