Top 5 Items to Bring to your First Disney Half Marathon

I’ve been to Disney World three times but the thought of going without kids excited me! The half marathon part, not so much. Running is NOT my thing. It just isn’t. I run on occasion but I don’t love it. I have friends who have running in their veins and they light up when they talk about it.

I just think of blisters for some reason.

But when one of my best friend’s asked me to join her to check off a bucket list item…I said yes. Years of trust, tears, and trials were stronger than my aversion to blisters.

It quickly became an addition to my own bucket list.

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I was clueless about the distance of a half marathon but knew it was probably long! I’m a fit person and work out 5 to 6 times a week and thought that would be enough.

I was wrong.

Long distance running is an entirely different ball game from spinning, circuit, Zumba, any other activity I’d done before. I downloaded the LOLO 13.1 app and away I went. I didn’t train half as much as I should have although I continued my 6 days a week workouts.

In the meantime excitement about the race itself began to build…I mean it’s Disney & Princess! So what’s a girl going to Disney to do? Start surfing online for what to wear and pack!

There’s a list of items you’ll need to make your experience as comfortable as possible but

Here’s my TOP 5 items to bring to your first Disney Princess Half Marathon:

    1. Cute Costume – I bought a mermaid skirt and tank top from Etsy in honor of my all-time fave princess, Ariel. 
    2. Zip up Jacket- Runners shed their outer layer during the race and items are donated. Bring one that are ok parting with and giving to a good cause at the same time. I love this idea!
    3. Runner Socks – This is NO time to skimp. I bought Feetures from Amazon at recommendation of my friend and they were amazing! She loaned me a pair so suggest bringing at least two. You’ll need a good pair for the race but also walking the parks.
  1.       4. Compression Sleeves – I didn’t think I needed these but purchased some at the Expo and              so glad I did! They were life savers for my legs. They also have them on Amazon if you want                them ahead of time.

5. Pain Reliever of Choice/Essential Oils – I SELDOM take pain relievers and opt for                                Panaway, Copaiba, or Cool Azul when possible but I did take pain  relievers offered by the                            medical staff after the race and iced my knees in the VIP Race tent. (I recommend splurging                        for this as it has restrooms, breakfast, then food after the race.)

If you don’t have oils, here’s the ones I use:

Join RaceDisney and other Facebook groups to get the scoop and learn from the veterans. They’re very helpful to the newbies!

Let me know if you’re planning on running a half marathon at Disney whether it’s the princess run or another themed event. I’d love to hear about it.


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    • Thank you. Isn’t it adorable?! Little Mermaid was one of my favorite movies even though I was a teenager when it came out and it still is among my faves.


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