NT 011: Morning Mojo: Steps to Start your Morning off Right



In today’s episode, we are talking about morning mojo. What is morning mojo?


I define morning mojo as that feeling of ease as you move through your morning rather than stress and chaos.


Maybe you didn’t sleep well or the kids are in a “less than stellar” mood. Whatever it is, if your mornings leave you feeling worn out instead of ready to tackle your day, let’s find ways to change that!




Two Ways to Start the Day


When I think of mornings, I think of two ways they can begin.


First, there’s the Pollyanna way. The birds are singing, the breeze is blowing through the lace curtains, you’ve just had the most refreshing night’s sleep ever, and your kids are humming as they do their chores.


As you stretch in bed, you think to yourself, “Ahhhhh, it’s a glorious day and I’m so glad to be alive!”


Or there’s that other way.


You may have experienced some days like this. You wake up, and instead of stretching, you feel the pain in your neck from sleeping wrong. You hear the kids arguing. It’s raining outside. Oh, and you overslept by 15 minutes so now you get to drive the kids to school in the pouring rain.


It’s the kind of day that makes you say, “Oh great. I’m still alive.”


When Morning Melts into Afternoon


I am happy to say that most of my mornings are of the first variety but it wasn’t always that way.


I have worked hard to be intentional about my mornings and trying to do what it takes to start them off on a better note.


However, when I had three kids, 5 and under, and then I started homeschooling, my mornings were chaos.


My mornings began to melt into noon, and then afternoon, as I was homeschooling.


It was not a good thing. But little changes along the way have helped me to recover my mornings and make them much happier and less stressful.


Changing Up The Program


One major change I made was in my workouts.


When my kids were tiny, I would get up at 4:10 every morning to meet a friend to go to Crossfit. That worked well because my husband was still home so I didn’t need childcare.


The problem with that schedule was that I wasn’t being intentional about my nighttime routines. I stayed up too late. I wasn’t good about resting enough and it caught up with me.


I had to make some changes to my exercise because I was simply too tired to keep going the way I had been going.


Now, I exercise less and eat a lot more.


That sounds counter-intuitive, right? But it’s true. My lean mass has increased while my fat has decreased. I eat a ton of food but it’s all good food. And I work out at home.


*If you are interested in seeing my workouts, I sometimes share them on my Facebook page.


Avoiding Injuries Due to Lack of Sleep


After injuring myself at Crossfit due to being weaker than I realized, because of lack of sleep and inadequate nutrition, I had to take a break. I got stronger over time but last year I ran a half-marathon with a friend and that old injury came back and got worse.


That is the main thing that has helped me make these changes. That injury flares every once in a while and I know that I have to take care of my body in order to remain strong.


I don’t want what happened to me to happen to you. I want you to eat right and exercise and most importantly, sleep so that you don’t injure yourself and so that your days can be the kind that makes you happy to get out of bed in the morning.


I want to share 5 things with you that have helped me increase my morning mojo and hopefully, you will be able to apply some of them to your own life.


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#1 – Fake It ‘Til You Make It


I don’t know about you, but I always imagined my life as a mom something like this-


There I am, standing at the stove making breakfast for my kids. Don’t you see my cute apron?


My beautiful kids are sitting at the table in their matching pajamas, stretching sweetly and chatting with each other while they wait to be served the gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, sugar-free, Paleo, ketogenic pan of goodness that I’ve made for them.


Ah, reality. It kinda’ bites you in the butt sometimes, doesn’t it?


If you’re like me, you know that this is way out of the line of possibilities for a typical morning. If you have dreams of creating these magical moments in the morning, save it for the weekend.


For your regular mornings, slice up some fruit, get out a tub of plain yogurt, and if you want a fancy touch, add some local organic raw honey.


If even this is too much, find a healthier cereal and add some almond milk and call.it.good.


Do what you can without going crazy, take one small step at a time, and change things slowly.


#2 – Start with a Cup of Glow


If you are like the majority of Americans, you feel like you can’t start the day without coffee. Just think of all the memes about coffee!


I’m going to challenge you to start your day with a cup of glow before you have your cup of joe.


A cup of warm lemon water, drunk before your coffee if you must have it, can make a huge difference in your mornings.


I shared in episodes 3 and 4 how warm lemon water wakes up your digestion and can make a real difference if you struggle with constipation.


*If you want to see an adorable video on making lemon water, watch my youngest daughter in her debut video from 2 years ago. Enjoy!


#3 – Don’t Be Late


I have always been a morning person. Even as a kid, I had my week’s worth of outfits planned and I would be ready for school very early. Which left me time to make my Dad’s lunch, fold laundry, etc.


My sister, on the other hand, was and is not a morning person. I adore her and we are still super close but we are complete opposites, which I think is great as it helps me to remember that my way isn’t the only way or even the right way.


I did not want to be late for school but I almost always was. My sister would come running out the door, already 10 minutes late, with wet hair, one shoe on and the other dangling from her hand by the laces, with a pop tart in the other hand.


It drove me crazy!


But you know what they say about payback. And boy did I ever get paid back.


When my own girls were young and we had activities to go to or somewhere we had to be at a certain time, there I was running around looking for somebody’s shoe or for my phone or for some paper that needed to be signed.


There were even times when I was barefooted.


What changed this chaos of leaving on time for me was simply setting an alarm. I now give myself a 15-minute buffer to pull everything together before I have to walk out the door.


You never know what a morning is going to bring. If you’re running late or your kid can’t find the paper they need you to sign, you’ve already allowed yourself extra time to get those things done.


No need to panic or run out the door without your shoes.


A great morning starts with a good night’s sleep. I wrote about how to get better sleep and more sex in this post!


#4 – The Early Bird Gets to…Squirm?


If your nighttime routine isn’t as great as it could be, if you find yourself staying up too late instead of heading to bed for some great sex and a wonderful night of sleep, well hey…


There’s no time like the present.


Sex doesn’t have to be relegated to bedtime.


Give your spouse and yourself the best reason not to hit that snooze button. If you need more morning mojo, make it yourself!


Starting your day with sex makes you feel confident and as though you’ve already accomplished something. Because you have!


It boosts your mood and helps you to be kinder and happier which benefits everyone in your life.


#5 – Treat Yo’self


If you’ve been working hard to turn your mornings around, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself.


Let’s say you’ve been waking up earlier, you’re working out most days, your eating habits are healthier, and you find that you’re on time for almost everything.


Girl, treat yo’self!


The awesome thing about treating yourself for a job well done is that you will keep doing a great job so that you can keep treating yourself. That’s how it works.


Don’t feel like treating yourself has to be some huge outlay of money or eating a bunch of junk food.


It can be something as simple as taking time to read a book that you want to read. Maybe you enjoy hot baths so you want to take time one evening to soak in the tub for a half-hour after the kids go to bed.


Whatever would be a treat to you is what you want to do.


Remember Yourself


It’s too easy for us as moms to find ourselves caught up in a bubble of motherhood, or homeschooling, or tons of afterschool activities, and totally forget that we need to pay attention to our own needs and health.


I found myself in this exact rut years ago and I knew I had to make a change.


What worked for me back then was for my husband to take care of the girls on Sunday afternoons while I hid away in our bedroom and watched trashy television while eating junk food.


I don’t do that anymore, simply because I try to eat better and I don’t really watch tv anymore.


Maybe I need to find a good trashy tv show to watch again!


Whatever works for you is what you need to do. If it’s trashy tv, go for it. If you love to read but never make time, grab a book and make time to read a few pages.


If you need more ideas on how to make your mornings less chaotic and more relaxed, I have a post with 19 free printables to help you feel more motivated in the mornings.


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I hope you will try some of these ideas I have shared today and if you do, be sure to leave me a comment below telling me what you tried and how it worked!


I’d also love for you to share in the comments about how you make your mornings work for your family. We can all use more ideas, so share with us what you do to keep smiling in the morning and avoid the chaos.

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