What to Buy for Back to School and Kindergarten

back to school and kindergarten must have

Supplies, clothes, schedules, lunch ideas, and more are filling our brains for August. No need to stress or be overwhelmed. The Car Rider Clip will make life a little easier.

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kindergarten must have item

School pick up lines can be LONG and if you have multiple schools and kiddos it can be a REALLY long afternoon!

I invented this little car rider clip to solve a BIG problem.

I had three kids to pick up at three different times. I would fumble for their name cards, throw them onto the dash, then unbuckle to retrieve them and hold them up so the car line could see them.

car rider clip for back to school and kindergarten

You can buy a car rider clip here.  $6.97 each.


Leaving the name card on your dash allows complete strangers to see it while you’re running errands throughout the day. Some cards have the school name on them also.

Not a good idea.

I tried taping the card to the windshield. It left a sticky residue.

I used a bulky hanger and it was too big to neatly put away in my car.

I knew there was a better way. The car rider clip holds the name card and then attaches to your rear view mirror so it’s visible in the car rider line for the staff and tucks neatly between your seat and console when not in use.

A win win.

car rider back to school and kindergarten clip

Teachers loved it and said it’s so much easier for them to see the name, especially in the higher SUV’s. They usually have to stand on tippy toes.

If you have more than one car rider, clip both cards on and face them in opposite directions. After your first pickup, just turn it around to show the next child’s name.

Great gift for teachers also. They use them to hang “masterpieces” in their classrooms,  door holiday decor, and much more.

I went through a Cricut phase and made custom name car tags for kiddos at our school. I cut letters with Cricut and used my laminator to keep them from tearing. For moms with more than on child, I put other name on the back so it can be flipped.

You can order the car rider clip here for $6.97.

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 You share the link and that’s it. No handling inventory.

Add the Car Rider Clip to your back to school or kindergarten shopping list and let me know what you think!

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