Working Women Wednesday #274: Allow MORE Time Than Anticipated For Tasks.

We’ve all found ourselves over committed and overwhelmed as a result of trying to fit too much onto our plate for work, family, others, and life in a single day.

We can only physically and mentally handle so much in a 24 hour period and sleep needs to be allotted in there somewhere as well.

When planning your day, be sure to allow MORE time than needed per task to avoid running out of time or being late. Constant interruptions and distractions (ESPECIALLY if you work from home with children) will quickly add up and your 15 minute task will turn into a 30-plus minute task.

Leave wiggle room per task and if all goes well and as planned, you will have some extra time to actually stop for a moment and breathe!

Share some of your tips with us on how you plan and execute your day in the comments!

Wake your Inner Wonder Woman!


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